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The programme for this and next year is constantly being updated. They are all held at various venues across Kent. Please come back and visit for regular information. Thank you.

Come and learn some exciting things working with crystals in Canterbury City Centre. A few details for you. The EXPAND workshop in September is where you'll learn many new things about crystals you're unlikely to find in books or through other sources. The EXPLORE workshop in October is a practical workshop putting the knowledge you gained into practice. The EXPERIENCE November workshop brings you all the help and guidance you need plus more skills to use. Limited to 10 places as 1-1 tuition is key.

Bookings close on 21st September.

I've been meditating for 18 years and experienced and studied many styles and approaches to relaxation and meditation, through direct training with my Reiki Master, practising and learning from my Yoga teacher some of the teachings of the wonderful Steven Levine and studying with Jess Macbeth who some years ago helped enormously patients at what was then known as the Bristol Cancer Care unit. I run weekly, weekend and one-day courses and retreats. They are for anyone wanting to find inner calm in a busy world through meditative practice. Meditation helps you into a deep state of relaxation, bringing harmony and balance into your life so you benefit from better health. It can be integrated into your daily activities and done anywhere, anytime. It isn't necessary to have a specific health problem to find the courses beneficial. Training in moment-to-moment awareness will increase your sense of alive-ness and well-being. On our way through life, we often seem to forget that we should be enjoying and savouring the journey. Meditation benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All of our workshops, classes and courses provide elements helping anyone, whatever their level of experience, to make improvements in their lives. Just a few lessons will relieve the stress and help your concentration. Continued meditation practice will help you overcome obstacles, give you confidence to follow your chosen path, release blocked energy, awaken your inner spirit and guidance, experience freedom, create harmony, abundance, fulfillment, joy and peace in your life and those around you. Working with small groups ensures everyone develops at their own pace and gains maximum benefits from every session.

Many meditation 'styles' are taught and experienced. Everyone is different. Meditation practice is an individual experience and you will find your 'place' so you can enjoy its benefits fully.

Professional diploma course in Crystal Healing Therapy. A two-year accredited course working to the syllabus set by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations - the lead body for crystal therapy in the UK.

I offer a full range of crystal therapy balancing and healing treatments. I also run established crystal workshops across Kent and I’ve previously tutored 2 two-year accredited crystal therapy practitioner courses to a set syllabus set by the ACHO.

These run from March until September. One day workshops in West Malling, Maidstone and Canterbury covering a wide range of subjects including crystals, space clearing, dowsing for health, energy therapies solutions for people, animals and places.

I’m available for talks covering the following subjects - working with crystals, dowsing, Reiki and meditation. I have previously been asked to give talks and demonstrations to branches of the Sussex and Kent Reflexologists Association and the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I’ve also been interviewed on BBC Radio Kent talking about the importance of my work in my life.